Our Next Event:

TridentCon 2016!

October 8-9th

Severna Park Community Center

Sign up at Warhorn

TridentCon is a production of Daydream Tiger Studios.


TridentCon 2016 features a ton of Dungeons & Dragons, including the premiere of a new Adventurers' League scenario nobody else gets til November!

Classic Star Wars d6 as well as FFG's newest, Force & Destiny!

The Greyhawk Reborn campaign presents a full track of adventure, including some premiere scenarios!

It's time for TRIDENTCON 2016!

Our very special guests this year include:

DAVID 'ZEB' COOK, TSR legend, Origins Award-winning game designer

JAMES M. SPAHN, game designer, publisher at Barrel Rider Games, and author for Cubicle 7

Atomic Robo!  The One Ring!  And more!

The Pathfinder Society presents a number of scenarios, including the Season 8 special!

Premiere playtest sessions for Dungeon Crawl Classics!

TridentCon's theme this year:


AD&D!  Labyrinth Lord!  Swords & Wizardry!  Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea!

Thanks to Legendary Games for prize support!

Gaming for Good.

'Admiral Fish' mascot by Gus L..

Join us for lost worlds, dinosaur islands, angry volcano gods, and more pulp tropes than you can shake a stick at!

This year's awesome themed logo was kindly provided by James V West.